Harness the POWER of Email Marketing to Skyrocket your Success

If you get stuck with any of the Quick Actions then refer to our main guide and/or our Premium Video & Audio Training. Most services and tools usually also offer a great knowledge base, guides and support to get you started properly. There are also

Facebook/Forum etc. communities with like-minded people to help you out and if all fails after all then you can step up the game for good and even hire a coach.

For a list of recommended Resources to use you can check & bookmark our Resources page which we regularly update, so you really want to keep an eye on it.

Before you start it’s probably a good idea to set up your Email Marketing Quick Start promotions to earn some nice 100% FE Commissions while you set everything else up.

You can grab your affiliate tools on the Affiliate Tools page and if you don’t have any promo skills/tools yet then you can start with the tools listed on the Resources page.

Select which autoresponder you want to use, create your account and set it up.

Get/Create a basic form code in your autoresponder account and store the form code somewhere on your computer for easy access whenever you need it.

Write a welcome message, which will be the first email your subscribers get when they subscribe to your list, and add it to your autoresponder account.

Remember no sales pitches/offers of any kind, just a warm welcome, something about you, about the list and what they can expect.

Create subscription and confirmation landing pages aka thank you pages. Those are the pages your new subscribers land on when they subscribe to your list and when they confirm their subscription. Your autoresponder of choice might already provide landing pages, in this case check them and adjust them as needed. Otherwise check the Resources page for recommendations. Remember to add at least a thank you, whitelist info/check spam folder info on the subscription page, personal branding, contact/social media details and a bonus (usually going to an offer which can earn you commissions). Once done either add the links to your campaign details in your autoresponder or if not supported add the landing pages links to the form code you saved earlier.

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Harness the POWER of Email Marketing to Skyrocket your Success

Set up the additional tools, for example Click Magick for tracking and other listbuilding magic(k), List Spark for done-for-you hosted squeeze pages and viral listbuilding, IDPLR where you can get your lead magnets to give away, Lead- Swaps to maximize your listbuilding without any additional effort, hosting and domain if you want to host the squeeze pages yourself. And of course PayPal, JVZoo, Click Bank, Warrior Plus, Click Sure, Payoneer etc. so you can cash in once your list starts to grow.

Create your squeeze pages (if you didn’t use something like List Spark for this, if your AR doesn’t provide proper ones etc.) and add your autoresponder form code you saved earlier. Ensure you remembered to add your landing pages links to the form code, if not add them now. One squeeze page is enough to get started, but you want to have a few different ones sooner or later so you can test different things and see which ones convert best. Remember to add your retargeting pixel code to your squeeze pages, if your tracking service of choice doesn’t offer this feature. This way you can advertise to any visitor again using very cheap FB ads and reengage them into your funnels even if they didn’t join your list right away.

Once everything else is set up and ready it’s time to add some more emails aka follow-ups to your autoresponder account. Do not just add one offer after another though, try to provide value as well, something your readers will be eager to learn. If you need ideas then use something like Survey Monkey and just ask them in which area they might need a helping hand. You can start to recommend Email Marketing Quick Start and then for other offers you can search the marketplaces you set up earlier (JVZoo, ClickBank etc.). If those overwhelm you for now, if you can’t decide which niche and offers you want to promote and you would rather just cash in while you get used to the marketplaces and everything else then we recommend you start with something like Covert Commissions, a licensed funnel like Extreme Funnels to really cash in big time/long-term or use something like Wealthy Affiliate to get started. And don’t forget your autoresponder and all the other tools you use might have an affiliate program as well, so you can promote those too to get started. Once you settled in you’ll also start to purchase info products and other tools and when you like them and think they provide value then you can recommend them to your subscribers as well.

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Harness the POWER of Email Marketing to Skyrocket your Success

Now that everything is in place, it’s time to cash in. Start to promote your squeeze pages (remember to track your results). If you’re on a budget then you can use the free tools listed in Viral Mail Profits and TE Command Post. If you’re a good and passionate writer you could also start a blog and social media accounts and add links/banners to your squeeze pages there as well. Though if you want more instant results and you don’t mind spending money for it then you can look into things like Udimi, Facebook ads, Bing ads, Social Media Marketing and such. But start slow, see how it converts, where you can improve things and then scale up, reinvest your profits and scale up again until you improved your funnels in ways so that the recurring income pays for the paid traffic right away while the rest is pure profit for you to enjoy.

Once you see your set up is working and you can expect bigger commissions contact PayPal and give them a heads-up that you're expecting a bigger cash flow. Otherwise if you surprise them with really big cash they might freeze your account and investigate for a while until you get full access again. So be smart and pro-active.

Now that you don’t have to worry about making enough money to pay your recurring bills and you have enough money left to “waste”, it’s time to step up the game for good. Create your own Super Product and your own membership/coaching/academy/etc. back-end to cash in even bigger on autopilot. If you don’t know where to start or how to put all the little pieces together then invest some of your profits and get a coach who will show you step-by-step how it’s done and who will kick your ass until you finally have your first 4 and 5-figure days.

Scale up, Enjoy, Spread your Knowledge and Enable others, Live the Life of your Dreams, Be Happy

Harness the POWER of Email Marketing to Skyrocket your Success

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